Bass Guitar Impacts Pedals - 5 Effect Pedals For the Bass Guitarist


The effects that are explained for each Effects Pedal are the same for both electrical and Bass Guitars. However, for the Bass Guitar, the effect is typically modified to fit the lower frequency range of the instrument.

Bass Wah Pedal

Similar to the Electric Guitar Wah pedal, the Bass Wah result is produced by the usage of a rocking treadle type foot pedal. However, with this kind of unit, making use of customized EQ circuitry is integrated particularly for Bass frequencies and the outcome is a complete fat bass tone with a smooth response. This is perfect for enhancing your balanced playing, from warm and subtle, to punchy.

Octaver Pedal

The use of the Octaver is to produce a note that is one complete octave below the initial note played - quite a helpful pedal for Funk and R&B - and numerous are able to cope with two or three note chords. Due to its need to produce the altered pitch 'live', the pedal has to have a fast response or tracking ability ideal for usage with fast playing strategies.

Overdrive and Distortion Pedal

If you want gutsy sounds for playing Rock/Metal etc, then the distortion pedal is for you. These pedals improve the signal to the point where the resulting sounds are anything in between rich and warm 'clipped', to something which is a lot more aggressive. Pedals vary in complexity from a few easy controls to more complicated versions integrating control over harmonic content and tone shaping facilities. Typically these pedals are criticised for presenting high levels of noise, and are quite difficult to utilize for studio recording. Considering the way the signal is being increased and improved, it's not unexpected.

Bass Chorus Pedal

Again this pedal is specifically developed for the Bass frequency variety. These pedals emulate the result of having numerous bass notes playing in unison where small variations develop the chorus impact. It is possible to replicate up to sixteen voices depending upon the make, and voice randomisation produces a thickening of the sound.

Bass Compressor/Limiter Pedal

The Best Bass Multi Effects Pedal allows the Bassist to play over a large range of playing styles - from normal balanced playing to higher dynamic designs such as 'slap' - while preserving the exact same output or volume from the Amplifier. This makes it possible for the audience to hear all your playing, while keeping a balance within the band. The Compressor is probably the most commonly used pedal, however is the most challenging to use. If not set up correctly, the pedal can produce a rather boring efficiency.


If you wish to use a variety of Bass impacts, you may want to select using multi-effect devices which incorporates all or any of the above. However, lots of criticise these stating that having all results in one unit compromises the quality and functionality of each specific effect. Although, with the arrival of microprocessor electronics, a large variety of control over the specifications and sound shaping centers are offered to the user, so whether these criticisms stand or not is hard to verify. It is most likely to the opinion of the person which will choose the approach to embrace, and there is definitely an attract the ease of establishing at a gig - with less cable televisions to worry about going wrong at the most inconvenient time.